Convert and Extend Your Field Devices With Media Converters

In today's industrial applications, media converters are widely used to connect devices to different media interfaces to meet a wide range of communication requirements. The demand for traditional media conversion between RS-232 and RS-422/485 in serial networks remains strong. Lately, the demand for media conversion between fiber and serial/Ethernet communication interfaces has increased because fiber cables offer benefits such as increased bandwidth, greater transmissions distances, and a higher level of noise immunity. No matter what your conversion requests are, we at Moxa offer rugged media converters that can fulfill your serial-to-serial, serial-to-fiber, or Ethernet-to-fiber connectivity needs.

Three Reasons to Choose Moxa’s Media Converters

  • Versatile Media Conversion

    Our media converters offer multiple solutions that not only fulfill conversions between different serial intefaces, but also enable network extension for both serial and Ethernet interfaces through fiber networks.

  • Industrial-grade Design

    Our media converters are designed to endure harsh environments, such as wide operating temperatures and high EMI immunity. They also ensure reliable operations, backed by industrial certifications.

  • Committed to Quality

    Moxa's industrial media converters passed various environmental and safety tests to ensure their quality can meet your operating standards.

Keeping Device Connectivity Simple

As industrial connectivity experts, we know that your field-site applications need to accommodate a lot of equipment and include system features with different communication protocols and interfaces. If you are looking for more edge connectivity options, Moxa has a wide-ranging product portfolio that can meet your connectivity demands.

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MOXA는 산업용 사물 인터넷(Industrial of Things)의 연결을 가능하게 하는 네트워크 인프라 솔루션 제공 업체로 30년 이상의 경험을 보유, 전 세계적으로 5천만 대 이상의 디바이스들을 연결했고 70개국 이상의 고객들에게 유통 및 네트워크 서비스를 구축하고 있으며, 신뢰할 수 있는 네트워크와 산업 통신 인프라 서비스를 통해 고객에게 힘을 실어줌으로써 지속적인 비즈니스 가치를 제공하고 있습니다.

여의시스템은 MOXA의 국내 최대ㆍ세계 10대 공식 디스트리뷰터로서 오랫동안 축적된 산업 자동화 기술로 다양한 자동화 네트워크 솔루션과 MOXA 제품의 공식서비스센터(MARC)을 운영하며 기술지원 인증(MTSC), 네트웍 설계 인증(MNDC), 기술교육훈련 인증(MTTT)을 보유하여 전문적인 서비스를 지원합니다. MOXA 솔루션을 통해 귀사의 산업분야 사이버 보안을 향상시키는 차별화된 솔루션을 제공하겠습니다.


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